Use cases

Our aim is to make our solutions easy to use – from first contact and analysis of your individual challenges to configuration, installation and operation of your defined Gridpulse setup.

We believe that in order to solve problems a good system should not create problems itself. With the experiences we have from many installations worldwide and our overall expertise in the field of transmission line components provided by Mosdorfer, customers benefit from our combined knowledge and experience from the start so operators can focus on the things that are more critical to their daily activities.

Dynamic Line Rating

Together with our experts a setup customization happens to ensure that gridpulse® DYNAMIC LINE RATING integrates seamlessly with our customers’ systems, generates actionable insights and provides a knowledge base for making the right decisions at any time.

Ice Detection

gridpulse® ICE DETECTION combines weather information with conductor data in real time. The measurements of conductor temperature and catenary angle (inclination) are used to detect conductor elongation caused by ice build-up. The underlying model considers mechanical properties, physical conductor and section characteristics to warn operators before dangerous situations occur. Additionally, the integrated HD-camera provides live pictures from the line.

Sag & Clearance

gridpulse® SAG, CLEARANCE AND CREEP MONITORING detects conductor temperature, sag, clearance and conductor creep. The underlying model considers the data in real time to warn TSOs before dangerous situations occur.

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