Our Milestones

From an idea to the producer of the line management system.

The Beginning


The development of the product started in 2004, following the initiative of the Russian partner. At that time, the company OTLM did not exist and the entire development was part of company C&G d.o.o. Ljubljana. C&G purchased the patent rights and filed for patent applications in Slovenia and in 39 other countries worldwide.


In 2005, a prototype of the product was produced and all tests, which gave us the necessary experience in its operation on high voltage lines and the needed certificates, were carried out. The first device was named TMT (Telemetric Measurement of Temperature). At the beginning the goal was simple: to produce a device as good as possible that will withstand environmental conditions and send conductor temperature. Since then the development went through different stages and now the temperature is only a part of our measurements.

First Installations


In 2006, the team started to talk about OTLM system and at the same time, they began to work on a new development product that passed through different phases and name changes – from TMT to OTLM (Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring).

OTLM D.O.O. was founded


In 2009, the development and marketing of the system was taken one step further by establishing the company named OTLM d.o.o. (Overhead Transmission Line Monitoring). Since then the name of the company and the product is the same. The newly established company expanded the investments in development and marketing.

New changes in OTLM device


In 2014, after five years on the market, the modem, some electronic components were changed, the Bluetooth communication was discontinued and the WiFi was added. The new electronic board also enabled new futures like sag measurement and icing detection. At the same time,  the server software development and connectivity between the weather station and the OTLM device was proceeded.

OTLM Smart


In 2016 the team started to develop a new OTLM SMART device. In addition to new hardware and firmware, they primarily focused on the development of software and easy live installation. In 2018, the development, testing and live installation of the new OTLM system was successfully finished.

Change in Ownership


The biggest change for OTLM company was not the new SMART device, but changes in company ownership. Since 2018, the biggest owner of OTLM d.o.o. is the company Mosdorfer GmbH (company of Knill Gruppe). This cooperation offers the best opportunity to enhance skills, competences and experiences, and above all new possibilities, that will add value to both companies. We are convinced that we are building technologies that will change the view on optimizing energy flow on overhead lines, by enhancing safety and flexibility of grid operations and maintenance.

Change of brandname


In 2021 we intensively worked on and launched our new customer centric business model. This also included the rebranding of OTLM to Gridpulse.

Our KEY messages

We empower grids and the people who run them

By making our solutions easy to use

We generate data and turn it into knowledge