The high precision self powered line monitoring sensor that collects data directly from the line. Always.

The gridpulse® BASE forms the heart of the system. It consists of a number of sensors to measure different characteristics of the Transmission Line (e.g. temperature, sag) in realtime. It harvests the energy necessary for operation directly from the Transmission Line and communicates via different communication modes (e.g. GSM, LoRa, satellite).

Measurement of

  • Conductor temperature
  • Conductor inclination
  • Current, Voltage
  • Ambient temperature
  • Ambient humidity
  • Vibration
  • Global radiation*
  • Wind direction and speed*

Features and capabilities

  • Autonomous power harvesting from phase conductor
  • Fire resistant composite housing
  • Connectivity to the gridpulse® CONNECT software via GSM, WiFi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, or satellite
  • GPS localization
  • High Resolution Camera

Calculation of

  • Sag/clearance
  • Conductor creep
  • Icing/de-icing
  • Ampacity (with prediction)/Dynamic Line Rating*

* with/without gridpulse® WEATHER, meteorological weather data and gridpulse® CONNECT modules

Technical data

Outside dimension (w x h x l)315 x 298 x 315 mm
Diameter conductor rangefrom 15 to 45 mm
Harvesting of energy from conductorYES
Frequency50 Hz (60 Hz)
Operating Temperature of gridpulse® BASEfrom -40 to +85°C
Conductor temperaturefrom -40 to +200°C


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