The Gridpulse system

We generate data and turn it into knowledge

Powergrids are like the vascular system of the human body – they make sure that essential supplies of energy reach every location where it’s needed – at the right time in the right amount. The gridpulse® system consists of several components that can be configured depending on the specific requirements of your grid and the use cases you want to implement.

The Ecosystem

gridpulse ® integrates seamlessly in the complex technical environment of Transmission System Operators (TSOs). At the same time, its valuable insights provide benefits to the entire power ecosystem.

Ecosystem Map GRIDPULSE

Producer | Government

  • Optimized production and feed-in of energy quantities
  • Increased reliability of electricity supply
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Safely utilise new or existing lines
  • Adding renewable energy to existing lines
  • Balance production according to weather conditions and load

Utiltiy (TSO/DSO)

  • Improved benchmarking baselines
  • Reduce costs for new lines
  • Know the renewable energy influence on the grid
  • Analyse grid capacity
  • Real-time measurement in critical situations
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Local Authorities | Private Grids

  • More flexible green energy subsidies
  • Increased grid reliability
  • Reduced outages
  • Increased flexibility
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