gridpulse® Weather

The reliable source for weather data directly at your line – makes highly accurate grid load predictions and Dynamic Line Rating possible.

gridpulse® WEATHER adds the context of environmental conditions to the picture as the weather plays a vital role for the operation of powergrids. The data can be generated by physical weather stations directly at the point of interest or via data from virtual weather stations.

Wheater Forecast

Line rating can be predetermined with the use of weather forecast; therefore, a more flexible and resilient transmission system can be achieved. In this case, the generation schedule can be adjusted to the predetermined transmission capacity, therefore higher utilization of the electricity system can be achieved. Weather forecast with high temporal and spatial resolution should be available for the implementation of this methodology.

It is important to cover the whole line with weather forecast points, to determine the transmission capacity with high accuracy. The minimal time resolution is 1 hour which is required in this case.

Required Measurement Values

  • Ambient temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Solar radiation
  • Precipitation rate


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